My Husband Stopped Pays My Mortgage After Divorce

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"My husband stopped paying our mortgage after divorce, can I get him to pay it?" This is a common question among married couples. Unfortunately, many people think that they have no control over the money their spouse spends. They expect their spouse to be like a child who would always buy what they want and stop when they get tired of it. Unfortunately, this is not how married couples work. While you have some control over the money your spouse spends, there are also some things that you as a spouse can do to get him to start shelling out his money again.

If your husband stopped paying the mortgage after divorce, chances are he has a lot of things on his mind. Chances are that the stress of divorce has taken a toll on him mentally. You need to make sure that you give him time to deal with these issues without getting in his way. If you jump into your husband's decision making process too quickly, it could cause a wedge between the two of you that might prove very difficult to repair.

In order for your husband to start earning again on his mortgage, you need to sit down and talk about what is happening in his life. Talk about the role you played during the duration of your marriage and the role you are playing now. It is important to take stock of where you were in your relationship and what you can do to bring things back to how they were. Your husband may have started to lose interest in certain things because of his divorce or he may not have taken the time to date other women because of work issues.

Once you have this conversation in hand, you need to make sure that you start taking some steps to ensure that your house will remain a place where he can feel safe and comfortable. One of the first things you can do is increase the amount of money that is coming in each month. Many times your husband will put off making his mortgage payments because he is worried about how his bills are going to look in the upcoming months. If you start increasing the money that he gets each month, it will make things more manageable for him. He may then be willing to take the chance of getting his bills paid even if it means having to go back to his job.

Another thing that you can do is start asking him to pay more than just the mortgage on his home. Instead of just continuing to make his car payments and put money aside in case something happens, ask him to pay the rent, the electrical bill, take care of his children's day-to-day expenses, take a cooking class, and even join a club in your neighborhood. Men often freeze their bills because they assume that their wives will stop paying them. By asking him to contribute money to these things and to buying you some gifts, you will give him a reason to continue doing what he does best which is taking care of your family.

If you do these things consistently, you will start to notice a difference in the way that your husband interacts with you. You will feel as though your husband knows what you need and wants. Chances are good that you will also start to notice a difference in the things that he does. You might even get him to actually start doing more things that he used to be hesitant about. These things might sound a bit strange at first but over time, they will start to mean a lot more than they did before.